UWP's Values

"Quietly, and sometimes secretly, there is an outpouring of spiritual energy and wisdom which is touching many lives."

Today, despite the marvelous advances in technology, sciences and material welfare for many people, these advances have not solved human problems. Two thirds of the world's population, represented by the third world, have no prospect for sharing in this feasible higher standard of living. Three quarters of the people living in the world do not share in this higher standard to any appreciable degree. In response to this imbalance in mankind's affairs, ideas for reforming the present system are being channeled in an ever increasing flow of information. Undiscovered Worlds is dedicated to chronicling this new outpouring of values which is emerging in so many forms and in such a wide variety of cultures in the world today.

It is the way we hope to do our small part to prevent the decimation of the ecosystem, total planetary destruction by atomic warfare, and the decline in the quality of life, expressed as drug abuse, crime, political abuse, indifference to human and animal suffering.

Not enough people are aware that there is unmistakably a spontaneous creative counter-action to a very bleak future for this world. Witnesses to this "counter-action" testify that it does not originate in the human mind. They are found in the great religions of the world, and expressed in the human race's highest ethical standards. No further teachings need enter the world for the new millennium, and a world of peace and abundance, to take place. The problem has been that given these teachings, the human race has been unable to carry them out.

Undiscovered Worlds will provide a medium for those who are earnestly seeking new meaning in a world that has become increasingly chaotic. Quietly, and sometimes secretly, there is an outpouring of spiritual energy and wisdom which is touching many lives, consciously and unconsciously. Some of these voices are channels themselves for the counter-action that is transforming the world and must be heard. Others are there to cast light on the path for the sincere seekers of solutions for themselves and society.

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