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Last updated 5th May 2007

What is Subud?
by Raymond van Sommers
It was 11 October 2005 and I had just met Rachael Kohn, a well-known presenter from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio National, Religion Unit . We were in the lobby of ABC Head Office building in Ultimo, Sydney, at her invitation that I take part in an interview for her weekly program The Ark. The subject was to be What is Subud? based on the personal experiences in my book, A Life in Subud.

Read Raymond's interview with Rachael Kohn here.
Download the free online PDF version of A Life in Subud here.

Kansas Highway
by Rachman & Stephanie Hopwood
While the three partners of the Undiscovered Worlds Press were living in Denver, a day trip to Kansas took us unexpectedly into the path of a tornado...

A London Walk
by Patricia Dear
Mairi Store, a retired Blue Badge Tour Guide, leads a group of people on a walk that takes in many historical places by the Thames in south London.

Memory & Keeping Diaries
by Rachman Hopwood
As we grow older, need we passively accept an increasingly unreliable memory or is there perhaps something we can do about it? I think there is something we can do about it and the method is very simple and close at hand—keeping a daily diary...

Ripples of Emotion (PDF 136KB)
by Ray Douglas
This, indeed, is what water can mean to the human heart: the tangible symbol whereby its own feelings, sentiments, emotions, are reflected back and redoubled. Water tends to have the effect of heightening whatever we are already feeling—thus a stream, a lake, a fountain, a spring, a waterfall, seen through emotional eyes, can represent in one, sorrow, in another, great love, in yet another, despair; perhaps even hatred and a desire for revenge. Peace of mind is there too, and almost automatically the poetic heart is inspired by water and drawn towards its musical sound and reflected light.

The Green Man
by Ray Douglas
If you feel secure on the ladder of life; if you are happy with your religious allegiances; if your religion is the only true religion; if you are a hawk, or a dove; if you have political opinions; if you consider yourself superior to Satan: You Must Not Read This!
Rebirth of a Goddess
by Ray Douglas
According to the biblical Book of Genesis, man came first. Masculinity, it says, was created before femininity. The archetypal male principle seems firmly rooted at least in that particular story of creation. There are other creation myths which see the creative principle as basically female...
Merlin's People
by Raymond Foster
Wales is possibly the best place in the world from which to understand and follow one of the greatest changes in human lifestyle that ever took place: the transition from wanderers to settlers.

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Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove
by Ray Douglas
We might think that we do not particularly want to be left to the tender mercies of Satan when our lives are over. In this regard many of us have come to think that it might not be a bad thing to look for a way out—a way up—to find that "hidden path" which should be somewhere at the root of all ways of searching, at the heart of all religions.

What Time Is It?
by Ray Douglas
The question Westerners might want to ask is: does time travel towards its future, or towards its past? And if the future depends in some measure upon the past, then in equal measure the future must already be known and knowable.

Beelzebub's Kingdom
by Ray Douglas
The world of insects is governed by communal instincts which are very readily picked up by humans: they are very near the surface. But be warned: The Lord of the Flies will welcome you with open arms..."

The Waters of Babylon
by Ray Douglas
"Water can symbolize the human heart and its emotions, of course; the flow of earthly feelings. But it can also be used to symbolize something of a much higher level in the order of creation..."

Centers of Culture and Wisdom
"For sometime now the California staff have scanned the horizon looking for a place, a large house and land that would make a suitable home for our publishing enterprise..." Reprinted from UWP newsletter #3 1989.

Harold Hitchcock
by Leonard Hitchcock
"I've always had this feeling that the Golden Age exists. It's an era that is alive in everyone."

How It All Began
by Rachman & Stephanie Hopwood
"The Undiscovered Worlds Press started out as the inspiration of Stephanie and her son, Hartley, in Berkeley, California..."

A Heart as Wide as the Ocean & Other Things
Thoughts on hearing of the earthquake in Indonesia.

Getting On—Something for All the Older People of the World
A new exciting project which aims to create a worldwide self-help network for older people.

The Poetry of Lukman Clark
Selections from his new poetry collection: The Life of Adam & Other Poems.

Love for the Raccoon
For a time we fed the feral cats by the old creek. One night we saw an eye peering at us from the darkness...

The Undiscovered Worlds crew catch the eternal questing spirit while living in Denver, Colorado, in the early 1990's.
"We speculated that unknowingly, we had embarked on a Grail Quest. Was such a quest practical for three ordinary people (or hobbits, as we sometimes think of ourselves) in the 20th Century?"

Letter to Peter Hale
Going through our computer files in preparing this website, we came across a letter we wrote to Peter Hale in 1991. Peter and an other old friend used to visit us when we lived in Palm Springs. The letter somehow catches the spirit of our time in Denver.

Panning for Gold in Colorado
The Undiscovered Worlds crew try their hand at panning for gold.
"...we could see tiny gold flakes glistening in the black sand—or what we thought was gold"

Destination Pearblossom, California
The Undiscovered Worlds crew venture into the Mojave desert in search of a town called Pearblossom.
"Dawn came up like thunder over California's central valley, but no one felt any distress. The terrain looked like a make-believe desert of large brown dunes, in real life they were only hills, brown with California's dead annual grass." Reprinted from UWP newsletter #2 September 1989.

Living Stones
by Lindsey Campbell.
"Those of you who know Loch Tayside, in Highland Perthshire, deep in the secret heart of Scotland, know that it is a world apart. It has no wish to associate itself with the squalid waste of days and resources that we consider normal life." Reprinted from UWP Newsletter #2 September 1989.

Living at the foot of Devil Mountain.
"What is happening of course, is probably not due to conscious thought so much as alterations in that realm of universal mind which is not conscious."
Reprinted from UWP newsletter #3 1989.


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