Concerning Subud

by J. G. Bennett

Title Page



The Subud Symbol

Foreword Pages 1—5

Introduction Pages 6—9

1. The New Epoch
The Conscious Direction of Evolution—2. The Theory of Epochs—3. Divine Providence—
4. Times and Seasons—5. The Ages of Mankind—6. The Coming Epoch.
Pages 10—20

2. A Personal Approach
Gurdjieff—2. Alice Bailey and the Arcane School—3. General Expectancy in the World—4. Personal Experiences—5. Emin Chikhou—6. Sheikh Abdullah Dagestani—7. Hadji Ahmad al Tabrizi—
8. Intimations from the Far East.
Pages 21—34

3. The Coming of Subud
Birth and Early Years of Muhammad Subuh—2. The Beginning of the Latihan—3. Transmission of the Contact—4. The Foundation of Subud—5. Susila Budhi Dharma—6. The Expansion of Subud—7. Subud in England—8. The Arrival of Pak Subuh—9. The Healing of Eva Bartok—
10. Subud in Europe—11. The Influx from Overseas.
Pages 35—50

4. Working from Without and from Within
Two Principles of Existence—2. The Formation of the Human Essence (a) Hereditary Factors in the Essence (b) Conception (c) Pre-existent Elements of the Essence—3. The Human Personality—4. The Variety of Influences that act on Man—5. The Twofold Flow of Influences—6. Working from Without—7. Schools and Teachers–8. The Inner Working.
Pages 51—68

5. The Latihan
The Meaning of 'Latihan'—2. Approach to Subud–3. The Opening—4. Helpers—5. Openers—
6. Conditions of the Latihan—7. Worship and Magic.
Pages 69—82

6. The Subud Emblem
Susila Budhi Dharma—2. The Subud Emblem—3. The Seven Soul Powers—4. The Lowers Powers—5. The Two Universal Essences—6. The Four States of Matter.
Pages 83—92

7. The Resurrection of the Body
First Effects of the Latihan—2. The Great Life Force—3. The Latihan and the Body—4. Subud and Healing—5. Brookhurst Grange Nursing Home—6. The Natural Body—7. Elimination.
Pages 93—104

8. The Completion of Man
The Sacred Impulses—2. The Seven Stages of Completion—3. Gradations of the First Stage—4. The Purification of the Feelings–5. Freedom from Fear—6. Further Stages—7. The Way of Completion–
8. The Relationship of the Sexes—9. The Three Higher Constituents of the Soul.
Pages 105–123

9. The Potentialities of Subud
The Real Miracle of Subud—2. The Visible Evidence—3. Subud and the Family—4. Subud and Society–5. Subud and Religion—6. The Expansive Power of Subud–7. The Ordinary Man—
8. Concluding Remarks.
Pages 124—139

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Concerning Subud by J. G. Bennett was first published by Hodder and Stoughton, London in May 1958 and has been out of print since 1959.
The Bennett family has kindly given us their permission for this 2006 on-line edition.

Copyright© 1958, J. G. Bennett & Heirs

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Cover Illustration—detail from Canterbury Pilgrims 1993 by Harold Hitchcock. Reproduced with kind permission of Harold and Leonard Hitchcock.


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