Copyright © 1958, The Heirs to the Estate of J. G. Bennett

First published in Great Britain in May, 1958 by Hodder and Stoughton

Undiscovered Worlds Press Reprint August 2007

Text of this edition exactly the same as the 1958 1st edition

All profits from the sales of the Commemorative edition will be donated to the International Youth Travel Fund.

Concerning Subud by J. G. Bennett was the first book to be written in English about the spiritual brotherhood of Subud. First published in 1958 by Hodder & Stoughton, this pioneering book has been out of print for nearly 50 years.

Many people over the years have discovered their own spiritual path by reading this book. We are thankful to the heirs of J. G. Bennett for permission to print this special limited edition of Concerning Subud, for the 50 Years of Subud in the West Celebrations, which will take place
in Ascot, England, during August, 2007.

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