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Fiesta Plaza, Boyes Hot Springs, Sonoma & poster of the writer Jack London who lived in the Valley of the Moon—January 2006


21st September     Our Appeal Closes

12th September     An Urgent Appeal

18th July               Sheffield Floods—Summer 2007


25th July               Cooling Off
19th March           Concerning Subud by J. G. Bennett
                              What Time Is It? by Ray Douglas
21st February        Decoding Your Dreams by Ray Douglas


24th December    Christmas 2005—The World is Shaking
7th August           London Underground Explosions 7/7
3rd June               Heat of the Day
21st March          Back Full Circle
1st January          A Heart as Wide as The Ocean & Other Things


25th December   Christmas Moon & Eve of Indonesian Earthquake
11th May            Eviction & Looking for a Center

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